Christie Lenée has been capturing a wide audience across the US, touring frequently and delivering vibrant energy at every show. Her unique guitar work is often compared to visionaries like Michael Hedges, Joni Mitchell, Andy McKee, and John Mayer- fusing folky/funky playfulness with pop/rock inspired songs and virtuosic guitar compositions. She is, as Skope Magazine states, “a refreshing burst of unrestrained love and feeling… It’s simply a joy to listen to her spirit break free.”

Christie has been seen many times on stage with Tim Reynolds (guitarist for Dave Matthews Band) and a stellar cast of musicians including Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Jeff Coffin, and Stanley Jordan. Her compositions have been showcased at the NAMM Show in Anaheim and Nashville, live on National Television and Radio, plus various festivals and venue performances across the US and Taiwan.

Christie was endorsed by Engler Innovations to compose music for “The Engle,” a drumstick for guitar that launched onto the market in January of 2012. Being a compositional pioneer for this product inspired an abundance of innovative techniques and a unique percussive approach to the guitar.

Four Songs featuring “The Engle” can be heard on the Instrumental Album “Chasing Infinity” released in 2013. The album creates a compelling sonic journey through mountains of dynamics, harmonic textures, upbeat grooves and meditative moods. Fingersyle guitar ballads and up-tempo acoustic pieces are concluded with two bonus tracks featuring Tim Reynolds (Guitarist for Dave Matthews Band). Such acoustic duet magic is frequent for the two guitarists, and can be seen on Christie’s YouTube Channel Playlist “Tim Reynolds and Christie Lenée”: .

Christie’s most recent album “Live at Hideaway Cafe” is a Finalist for “Best CD of 2014” for the Indie Acoustic Project Awards and has received raving reviews by music fans across the country. The album features some of Christie’s most classic songs including “We Are One,” “Daylight Comes” and “Take a Vacation.” A few solo pieces are also included such as her tapping guitar arrangement for the Stevie Nicks song “Landslide,” and an emotional performance of her song “Love Who You Are.”

Instrumental composer and singer/songwriter Christie Lenée is now in process of mixing tracks recorded at Imaginary Road Studios in Brattleboro, VT with legendary producer Will Ackerman (Windham Hill Records). These tracks feature beautiful musicianship by Grammy Award Winning Artists such as Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), Cellist Eugene Friesen, and percussionist Jeff Haynes (Pat Matheny, Joni Mitchell).

Meanwhile extensive touring and recording plans are constantly in the works. Visit Christie on the website and Facebook for the most updated news and media!

“Christie Lenée is a wonderful spirit making beautiful music on the guitar. She has epic compositions that take one on a journey through time.” (Tim Reynolds, Guitarist for Dave Matthews Band and TR3)